Olivier Binette

I am a (beginning) master’s student at Université du Québec à Montréal.

Realisations / awards:

  • Alexander-Graham-Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship (CRSNG, for master studies, 2017).
  • Bourse de maîtrise en recherche (FRQNT, 2017)
  • Undergraduate research award (CRSNG, summer 2017)
  • Undergraduate research award (CRSNG, summer 2016)

Some talks / exposition:

  • Constrained semiparametric modelling (for directional statistics), poster presentation, 11th Bayesian Nonparametrics Conference (Paris, 2017)
  • Bayesian learning: semiparametric modelling and asymptotic theory, Student Research Session talk, Mathematical Congress of the Americas (Montreal, 2017).
  • Bayesian (nonparametric) learning, talk at the Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (Montreal, 2017).
  • Constructive polynomial approximation, Student summer seminar, 2017.
  • The Banach-Tarski paradox, CIRGET student seminar, 2015.


  • Conférences Midi-Math, co-organizer, winter 2017.
  • Student summer seminar, organizer, summer 2017.

What I like:

  • Mathematics and statistics.
  • Robotics, electronics and programming languages. A much younger me built a few keyboard-guided robots, guitar amplifiers and effects; I played with field programmable gate arrays to program logical circuits and arithmetic logical units; made a few websites; etc.
  • Ethics and animal rights.

Specific interests:

  • Bayesian mathematical statistics (what can we learn from data?)
  • Asymptotic behaviour of posterior distributions (what happens as more and more data is gathered?)
  • Approximation-theoric characterizations and the geometry of statistical models (how can other fields of mathematics contribute insights?)

Summary of my master’s research project proposal

Approche bayésienne nonparamétrique à la statistique directionnelle